Stand up and stand out

Leadership from the floor

Women in the workplace must speak up and be heard in order to gain the recognition they deserve and achieve their career aspirations.

I help women to understand and develop leadership skills as they advance in their careers.

I support them in finding confidence in the face of change, adversity and everyday  pressures. And ultimately in making a real difference in their own businesses or within the organisations where they work.

To be great teachers, mentors and the leaders of the future.

Leadership from the floor – women leading in the face of adversity – 
takes a pioneering approach for today’s women who want to lead, grow and succeed. It’s a way forward.

What are the challenges facing female leaders today?

Women face many obstacles and resistance as they progress in their careers. Gender bias, pay inequality and workplace sexism can negatively affect a person’s self-image, self-confidence and leadership ability.

The challenge for women is to step out from behind the shadow of their own potential.

Women in the workplace must speak up and be heard in order to gain the recognition they deserve and achieve their career aspirations.


“Alex’s sessions are thought-provoking and practical. I now have a better understanding of what makes a good leader and what I need to do to get there.

Clare Redrupp

Now is the time to invest in yourself.

Do it for you. With me.

Leadership from the floor. Who is it for?

This is for you if:

• You’re stepping up to a new role in your organisation

•You want to develop from a great manager to an inspirational leader

•You need to facilitate change and growth in your organisation

•You’re launching or wanting to take your own business to a new level

This programme is for women who want to invest in their careers and personal development and who need a clear understanding of the challenges that face them in the workplace.

I’ll support you by giving you:

Knowledge – of the challenges you face

Insight – into the neuroscience of self-confidence

Strategies – increasing potential for leading with innovation and courage

Tools – for developing resilience in yourself and your team

Recognition – to reinforce the value of your skills and talents

Confidence – in your authority to lead


As always with Alex, the session was informative, relevant and enjoyable. I am inspired to be a more attentive leader and encourage my team to work on their values and self-belief. Thank you.

Kelly Jones

Leadership from the floor – how does it work?

One-to-one/Small Group coaching sessions focus on:


  • Leading in the face of adversity
    Improving performance without losing focus
  • Maintaining emotional strength through resilience
  • Ensuring strong supportive relationships in the workplaces
  • Coping with challenges as they occur in a measured and confident way
  • Developing assertiveness in successful leadership
  • Feeling self-assured in your choices and decisions
  • Maintaining wellbeing during periods of high demand and pressure
  • Strengthening collaboration with the organisation’s own values

    Discover your R.O.A.R. for

    leadership, growth and success

    What you’ll gain from choosing the Leadership from the Floor programme:

    An understanding of leadership skills and how to develop them as you advance in your career

    Confidence in the face of change, adversity and everyday pressures.

    The ability to make a real difference in your own business or within the organisation where you work

    And ultimately you’ll become  a great teacher, mentor and a leader of the future



    Thought provoking. Confidence boosting.
    Alex has encouraged me to take action everyday and acknowledge my strengths. I can reset my thinking now that I know how I self-sabotage. I’ll pay all this forward to my team, lead by example and empower them.

    Sharon Luccardi

    Are you ready to invest in yourself?

    To take the lead with confidence and courage? To inspire and drive success in your business or organisation?

    Have the courage to show up, stand up and speak up.
     And R.O.A.R.

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