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The Interview Success
Tool Kit

Be your best self in interview and drive your career forward.

For women who do not see the value of all their working assets, and who can’t promote or sell these assets to their advantage

The Interview Success Tool Kit is a five-step system that gives you a winning strategy in the job-hunting and interview process.


Let’s talk reality – it’s tough out there. Resilience is required.


When it comes to the job hunt it is often women who are holding themselves back.

This is because they fail to see or value all their working assets – such as knowledge, skills and experience – and lack the confidence to promote them.

Women are more likely than men to underestimate their competencies and question their ability to fulfil a role.

We want to change that!


Now is the time to invest in yourself.

Do it for you. With me.

The Interview Success Programme – who’s it for?

This is for you if you want to:

  • You want to be your best in the interview process
  • You want to develop a successful strategy to prepare for an interview
  • You want to strengthen your own resilience in dealing with career crisis
  • You’re stuck in your current role and want to change it
  • You want to reinvent your career
  • You want break through the glass ceiling on your career move upwards?
  • You want to identify what prevents you from taking risks in advancing your career
  • You want to challenge your doubts, fears and anxieties


I’ll support you by giving you:

Insight – into your values and individual strengths

A Proven Strategy – to promote your assets in the interview process

Confidence – to take your career forward and get the job you want

Take Risks – to deal with uncertainty ahead

Resilience – to have the courage and strength to adapt

First, let’s recognise the challenges

  • Women wanting to be stronger; to step out of the shadows of their true potential and get the job they want and deserve
  • Women needing support in dealing with “career trauma”
  • Women with self-esteem issues who wish to be more confident in their workplace
  • Women wanting balance between the workplace, home life and career
  • Women who want to succeed and give their best in the interview process
  • Women who want financial stability by taking control of their future
  • Women who want to know how to negotiate the best salary

Now let’s overcome them!

I can help you to:

Develop strategies and tactics to be more resilient in advancing your career

Take stock – learn how to identify skills gaps and sell your valuable resources to the best of your ability – at every stage of the interview process

• Understand the steps required to evidence your transferable skills, knowledge and behavioural characteristics

Identify your “unique selling point” – and position yourself to create a marketing strategy

Understand personal values – and learn what the employer is thinking.
Strengthen your confidence, motivation and focus


Alex made me realise my own capabilities and self -worth. The interview task made me think of my situation and be more confident. Thanks Alex.

Sherif Cimen

The Interview Success Toolkit – How does it work?

The 5-step Interview Success Toolkit offers a proven step-by-step approach enabling you to achieve interview success.


Step 1: Self Awareness

Step 1 is a journey of self-discovery.  Before you can talk about yourself you will explore all the skills, knowledge and experience you are likely to bring to an interview.

The discovery is:

  • About who you are
  • About “identity” – what you are
  • About your own cognitive and emotional resilience in dealing with the interview process
  • About your values in all areas of life
  • About your own self-esteem
  • About your “pathological critic”
Step 2: Selling Your Personal Brand

Step 2 is about seizing the opportunity to give the best of yourself during the interview process.

This requires developing your unique personal brand position (UPBP), identifying what you bring to an organisation from an expert position.

It shows how to overcome fear in voicing who you are and what you can offer by shifting your mind-set. “Being able to do the job is not enough: in selling yourself – you gain credibility”.

The Discovery is:

  • About creating your unique personal brand position strategy with authenticity
  • About showcasing your transferable assets i.e. skills, knowledge and achievements
  • About making yourself visible and standing out from other candidates
  • About finding your “signature walk and talk”
  • About “looking through the mirror” – how you see yourself vs. how others see you
  • About why you are the right candidate!
Step 3: Skills audit

Most women work below their competency levels. 

Step 3 takes stock of your transferable assets while exploring any skills gaps – and shows how to identify and highlight those valuable resources you already have yet which you may take for granted every single day.

The Discovery is:

  • About personal profiling
  • About your emotional intelligence
  • About transferable assets (skills, knowledge, experience, behaviour)
  • About confidence vs. competencies
Step 4: Strategy

Step 4 gives you all the tools you need to create your own strategy.

There is no such thing as a “typical” interview! Most interviews fail due to lack of preparation and not having a positioning strategy. This step covers how to address both.

The Discovery is:

  • About identifying the interview arena and environment.
  • About how to take control of as many aspects of the interview process as possible
  • About how to prepare for interview by matching your unique selling brand position (USBP) to the role
  • About creating your own strategic approach to answering interview questions
Step 5: Success

Step 5 is dedicated to overcoming fear of the interview itself.

By demystifying the process and with the tools and strategy already in your possession, you assume confidence and self-assurance in any interview situation. You achieve success!

The Discovery is:

  • Achieving your career aspirations
  • Following your ambition
  • Setting and achieving your goals
  • Proving your worth
  • Realising the job you love

Interview Success: The Strategy


The workshop was very informative. The content of the presentation was linked to real life situations. Two things I will do differently is prepare myself before attending interviews, believe in myself more and be more resilient.

 J Tulouch

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

To take control of your career?  To establish your personal brand and show the value that you bring? 

Have the courage to show up, stand up and speak up.

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