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Do you want you achieve success and wellbeing in your career?

I’m an expert in resilience and leadership with over 20 years coaching women in the workplace. I can give you the tools, the strategies and the confidence to attain your career goals.

I deliver workshops and coaching within organisations and groups to help individuals recognise the signs of stress in the workplace, build resilience and develop strategies to improve their performance and quality of life at work.

Join one of my programmes and you’ll develop your everyday resilience and take away the knowledge that YOU ARE THE KEY to creating the conditions for your own success.

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Over 20 years’ experience coaching women in the private, public and third (charity) sectors: healthcare, financial services, schools and education, charities/voluntary organisations, media, IT, and local government (e.g. adult/children services, housing).


• Qualified Practicing Coach Certificate – (Dip NMLC with Distinctions)
•Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (MNLP)
• Certified in Psychometric Assessment
• Associate Member CIPD

I want women to stand up after falling down
I want women to stand out and be heard

As women, we know that some of the hardest punches we sustain in life are thrown at us in the workplace arena: career change, job loss, redundancy, pregnancy discrimination, workplace sexism, pay inequality, gender bias and other barriers to advancement.

At some point we’ve all experienced one or more of these challenges. And so it was with me…

My ‘resilience’ story

I can help you because I’ve been in ‘the pit’ and I know how to get out.

Over the years in the professional arena – and even with undoubted qualifications and skills – I’ve taken knocks to my confidence and self-image.

I’ve experienced the devastation and ‘career grief’ that follows job loss – and trauma over loss of status (and the financial position that comes with it). I’ve suffered from ‘imposter syndrome’. I’ve doubted my abilities, and I’ve shied away from standing up, speaking out and acknowledging my own accomplishments.

There was a time when I nearly gave up.

Then I learned about my innate resilience, my survival instinct – that inner strength we all have but sometimes find hard to unlock. And I worked on turning my life around.

My own resilience, the key to my survival, was born out of being knocked, face down, in the gutter. But then getting up again – and feeling stronger.

And if I can do it, so can you.

My discovery

In that moment of being been knocked down, I knew I did not want to be beaten. I made a conscious decision to get up again – to survive and thrive. I became aware of my own resilience.

I reflected on my experience in both career and personal life, and from that time my own development and coaching styles changed dramatically.

I spent the next eight years developing resilience and ‘consciousness coaching’ methodologies.

The difference between consciousness coaching and action/goal coaching is that the former shifts the internal processing and thinking of individuals. It allows them to identify new ways of behaving, indeed of working, from a cognitive and emotional understanding of ‘self’.

My approach became one of supporting and developing an individual’s self-awareness, self-reflection and self-motivation – so ultimately they take psychological responsibility for themselves and what they do, and feel comfortable with that.

So, how will  you get up again?

Developing resilience

It’s true some of us are intrinsically more resilient than others.

But it’s also true that you can unlock that innate resilience. And you can acquire and develop further resilience through changing your mindset, choosing to invest in your own growth and using the tried and tested techniques that I can teach you.

Following my own turnaround, I used my new technique to develop a strategy over the years to help individuals find work, regain their status and self-esteem.

Then in the 2009 recession came another turning point.

I worked on a contract providing career support to those affected by the downturn. Individuals came from both high-profile positions (executives, CEO’s, professionals and practitioners and from a wide variety of professions at all levels, including industry, banking, media) and the entertainment world.

I found myself dealing with the emotions, behaviours and attitudes of individuals when they are in pain, frustrated and angry.

This experience provided me with my “raison d’être” – and a fierce passion – to improve the lives of other women even more.

I adapted my strategy further. No matter where the individual was in the workplace, I found myself able to turn defeats and uncertainty into strength, resilience and assurance.

Today I use consciousness coaching and resilience development across all my programmes. What I learned I pass on to you through coaching and workshop activities covering a range of topics.

I hope you will join me on one or more programmes and discover how you too can achieve success.

My workshops and coaching programmes are all about you. Learn more by clicking on the links below.


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