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5 Steps to Everyday Resilience

You can achieve wellbeing and career success by developing more resilience in the workplace and your everyday life.

I deliver workshops and one-to-one coaching within organisations to help individuals recognise the signs of stress in the workplace, build resilience and develop strategies to improve their performance and quality of life at work.

Resilience is the ability to adapt and change, to overcome challenging situations – turning adversity into growth and development

Many challenges face women as they strive to advance their careers in today’s workplace.

Stress-related illness and mental health issues are on the rise. You may experience first-hand how exclusionary and intimidating the workplace can be.

And you may have felt your self-confidence being eroded and undermined. The reality is: it’s tough out there.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur launching or growing your own successful business, an executive forging a career in the private or public sector, or a working mum trying to cope with balancing work and home life, resilience is the key.

The good news is, you can achieve wellbeing and career success by developing more resilience in the workplace and your everyday life.


“I’ll take what I’ve learned with Alex and adapt it to my own life and empower myself. I’m going to speak up more. Be more confident and be happy for change rather than worry about it or feel negative.

Joanna Savva

Now is the time to invest in yourself.

Do it for you. With me.

Resilience training. Who is it for?

This for you if:

• You want to learn to be more resilient on a daily basis

• You want to develop coping methods to deal with everyday stresses

• You want to identify the signs of job burnout before it is too late

• You want to be more compassionate to yourself

• You want to conquer the pathological critic within

• You want to be more confident and recognise your self-worth

I’ll support you by giving you:

Knowledge – in understanding the five phases of resilience

Emotional Awareness – by recognising emotional triggers in you and others

Neuro-science – through comprehending how the brain works for you

Self-Compassion – by learning how to take care of “you” first

Psychological and emotional boundaries – and so take control

First, let’s recognise the challenges

  • Women who need more resilience in coping with everyday stress.

  • Women who need the courage to be less victimised

  • Women who want to be valued in the workplace

  • Women who are running on auto pilot and want a better quality of living at work and at home

  • Women who want to be stronger in creating boundaries – able to say “No.”

Now, let’s overcome them!

More than ever before, this quality of ‘resilience’, that carries people through difficult times, has come to occupy centre stage in determining who fails, who succeeds and who grows.  

While some people are innately more resilient than others, it is also true resilience can be acquired through proven learning techniques.

Others have used these to achieve success after being faced with major life challenges and difficult times.

And so can you.

I can help you to:

Adopt a resilience-based recovery system

Help you achieve wellbeing and emotional resilience in everyday situations

Understand the neuro-science of stress

Adapt a more flexible mindset on how to approach work

Stand up after falling down – stronger and calmer

Improve your work-life balance

• Recognise and develop your own resilience – move from “survive to thrive”

The 5 Steps to Everyday Resilience Programme – How does it work?

Resilience workshops or one-to-one coaching focus on:

  • Recognising and dealing with stress in the workplace
  • Coping with redundancy and redeployment
  • Dealing with uncertainty and taking control of your future
  • Having difficult conversations \Setting boundaries
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
One-to-one coaching

Focuses on:

  • Combatting and managing stress in the workplace
  • Addressing redeployment and new responsibilities
  • Taking control of your future and developing suitable strategies
  • Dealing with difficult conversations
    Setting boundaries
  • Increasing confidence and self-worth
Small group coaching

Focuses on:

  • Managing stress in the workplace
  • Embracing new responsibilities
  • Taking control of your future and developing suitable strategies
  • Setting psychological and emotional boundaries
  • Increasing confidence and self-worth


Whichever programme you choose, it’s time to invest in yourself! 

Discover the 5 Step solution to achieve everyday resilience!


I’m going to go back to work and empower my staff and recognise their values and create a supportive community in the workplace to promote emotional intelligence, self-worth and resilience within my team

Aishling Walsh

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

To make a conscious choice to take control of your future. To choose success and wellbeing. Be more mindfull. Have the courage to show up, stand up and speak up. Use your voice and be heard.

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